V. A. Fedorova, E. A. Efremov, I. A. Kolyagina
2019 Issues of radio electronics  
Currently, the use of traditional information retrieval methods for analyzing big data is becoming ineffective. Analysis and processing of a large amount of information require completely new conceptual solutions, one of which is Elasticsearch, a search engine based on the Lucene library. Elasticsearch uses the concept of inverted indexing to speed up searches when a list of all unique words is created for each document and a list of documents for each word. The paper considers the principles
more » ... rs the principles of the Elasticsearch search technology. The actual task is to analyze and identify the specific capabilities of the Elasticsearch system associated with the search and processing of large amounts of information. The paper also describes examples of the work of Elasticsearch, which will help professionals to solve problems inherent in the systems of relevant and personalized information retrieval.
doi:10.21778/2218-5453-2019-3-74-77 fatcat:bpg6rq5aqnex7gi6apqs2fbdeu