The Thermodynamic Characterization of Wetting by Submitting a Sessile Drop to Microgravity [post]

Alfredo Calvimontes
2017 unpublished
A new technique, the sessile drop accelerometry (SDACC) for the study and measurement of the interfacial energies of solid-liquid-gas systems is tested and discussed in this study. The instrument –a combination of a goniometer with high speed camera and a laboratory drop tower- and the evaluation method, were designed to evaluate the interfacial energies as a function of the geometrical changes of a sessile drop shape due to the effect of “switching off” gravity during the
more » ... riment. The method bases on the thermodynamic equilibrium of the system interfaces and not on the balance of bi-dimensional tensors on the solid-liquid-gas contour line. A comparison of the model with the widely accepted Young's equation is discussed in this study.
doi:10.20944/preprints201708.0062.v1 fatcat:nnfafu7ukjezbhp7zczkvbmgj4