TelMeA—Expressive avatars in asynchronous communications

Toru Takahashi, Christoph Bartneck, Yasuhiro Katagiri, Noriko H. Arai
2005 International Journal of Human-Computer Studies  
TelMeA is an asynchronous online community system that uses avatars to enact the messages of the users. We present an overview of the system, including the results of a usability study and its effect on the redesign of the system. Furthermore we present an empirical evaluation of the avatar's animations. The animations offer a wide repertoire of expressions along the valence dimension, but additional animations with low arousal should be added. Next we performed a case study of TelMeA in Japan.
more » ... The members of the community more often used the high arousal and extreme valence animations, but the more subtle animations were still used in 30% of all cases. The less frequent use of subtle expressions could be explained by the fact they are not necessary in an asynchronous communication to negotiate turn taking. r
doi:10.1016/j.ijhcs.2004.11.005 fatcat:q6fu2ks5jbhtrlh4aas53t6mqm