ProcessTransformer: Predictive Business Process Monitoring with Transformer Network [article]

Zaharah A. Bukhsh, Aaqib Saeed, Remco M. Dijkman
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Predictive business process monitoring focuses on predicting future characteristics of a running process using event logs. The foresight into process execution promises great potentials for efficient operations, better resource management, and effective customer services. Deep learning-based approaches have been widely adopted in process mining to address the limitations of classical algorithms for solving multiple problems, especially the next event and remaining-time prediction tasks.
more » ... less, designing a deep neural architecture that performs competitively across various tasks is challenging as existing methods fail to capture long-range dependencies in the input sequences and perform poorly for lengthy process traces. In this paper, we propose ProcessTransformer, an approach for learning high-level representations from event logs with an attention-based network. Our model incorporates long-range memory and relies on a self-attention mechanism to establish dependencies between a multitude of event sequences and corresponding outputs. We evaluate the applicability of our technique on nine real event logs. We demonstrate that the transformer-based model outperforms several baselines of prior techniques by obtaining on average above 80% accuracy for the task of predicting the next activity. Our method also perform competitively, compared to baselines, for the tasks of predicting event time and remaining time of a running case
arXiv:2104.00721v1 fatcat:jlxhtdp5cnfd5dfdywc6butp6i