Red Flags for Low Back Pain Are Not Always Really Red

Ajay Premkumar, William Godfrey, Michael B. Gottschalk, Scott D. Boden
2018 Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American volume  
A u t h o r : R o b i n K e r r A u t h o r : C h r i s t i n a L e Delaying ACL reconstruction and treating with exercise therapy alone may alter prognostic factors for 5 year outcome: an exploratory analysis of the KANON trial [quiz] 19 Evaluating psychosocial contributions to chronic pain outcomes A u t h o r : D r S a r a h H a a g >> 3 Sciatic nerve stiffness is not changed immediately after a slump neurodynamics technique [video] A u t h o r : D r T e d d y W i l l s e y What happens to
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doi:10.2106/jbjs.17.00134 pmid:29509613 fatcat:dbh5r5o5zbd6vftlxbz5blfaeu