Naval Notes

1909 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
Tho following are the principal appoiutnicnts which ham been uiade:-Chptains-J. C. Lcy to "New Zenlnnd"; A. 1'. Stoddart to llIIibernia"; R. Bf. Harbord to Isis"; R. A. Allenby, M.V.O., to lLForn~idablo"; G. P. Hunt, D.S.O., t o "Ariadno"; H. H. Bruco to lLArrog:ant"; L ' R . Pcars to ' I Trafalgar"; A. L. Cag t o "Loviatliau"; 11. J. 0. Millac to J u n o " ; the IIon. R. P. Boyle, M.V.O., to I 1 Duke of Edinburgh"; R. E. Bellwn t o "Antrim." Commanders-11. Uu C. Lunrd to ' I Sirius "; V. 0 .
more » ... Sirius "; V. 0 . Gurncr to " Diamond." Royal ;Marine Light In jailtry.-Coloncl Socond-Coniinandant E. L: McCausland t o be Colonel Commandant of Chatham Division; Colonel J. F. Daniel1 t o Coloncl Second-Commandant of Portsmoutn Division. Ftear-Bdrniral E. J. W. Slade, M.v.o., arrived a t ~Grn~my on the 18th ult., and assumed command of tho F h t I n d i a Station in succwion to Rear-Admiral S i t Q. J. 8. Warrender, Bart., C.B. The first-clsss battleships Cloru and Goliufh arrived on the 7th ult. n t Portamouth from the Mediterranean; they sro to be paid off and will then be sent to C h t h a m to refit. The first-class battleship London, recently tho flagship of tho Rear-Admiral in the Channel Fleet, paid off on the 30th ult. a t Chatham, where she will undergo a thorough repair. The first-class armoured cruiser Leviathan commissioned a t Dovonport on the 2Uth ult. to reliere the armoured c r u k r Euryaalus 3~ tlaW+ip of the Fourth Cruiser Squadron. Tho first-class armoured cruiscrs Cochrane, rmmmkioned, and the BcrtcCicl;, cxrmmia;ioned at Port+moutli on the 1st ult. for semico in the Second Cruimr Squadron, the 1.wt-rinmed shlp relieving the Crcssy in the squadron. The second-clm cruieer Forfe commissioned a t Portsmouth on the 20th ult. to reliere a skter-ship, tho Iferntione, on tho Capo of Good H o p station; she !eft on the 4th inst. for 6t. Helena, whero &tic will m w t the Hermione. The third-clrurs c r u h r I'eloriis arrived a t Plymouth on tlie 5th ult. from the Cape and South-East Coast of America. Her last cruiso before coming home was up tho River Amazon to Iquitm, 2,300 miles from the mouth of that rirer. Loss of the l r B l a e f~~a f e r . " S~i o r t~~ after 11 p.m., on the night of the 6th April, while tho w o n d destroFer flotille, sccompaiiicd by the cruiser Sapphire and the scout Foruard wero p3rujiag up Channel on their way from Portland to the Firth of Forth, a collision occurrcd when o f f Dungenm betwecn tlio Blnckirutcr, ono of tho dmtroycrs o f tho river class, and tho 6.6. Zero, of Bristol. The Uluckrater was struck on the port eide and nrarlg cut in two. It w a a t once m n that. she was in danger Downloaded by [University of California Santa Barbara] at 10:37 16 June 2016 KAVAL NOTES. 647 Home. of sinking, a i d pronipt Iiinesurcs wcra taken for tho safety Of the Crew. The Foncurd took the BlacLtcutcr in ton-, but she foundered SWIC five milea from Dungenexi. A'araI Gunnery in 1908 (concZuJcd):--Light
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