On the Present Methods of Diagnosis in Diseases of the Stomach

1889 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
A long felt need for the means of making an accurate diagnosis of the diseases of the digestive organs is being daily more and more nearly met. Tho stomach, seemingly so accessible, has been until recently enveloped in mystery, and we have been obliged to discover its pathological conditions only by means of subjective symptoms and physical signs, often obscure, uncertain and contradictor Tho same treatment could not be counted upon to relieve conditions, which to all appearances were the same
more » ... often grave diseases could only be suspected, while now they can generally be discovered early in their course. The study of the subject by books could not give great assistance, for the numerous symptoms given seemed to apply equally well to a variety of cases-headache, distress in the epigastrium, eructations, malaise, debility, constipation, etc., were certainly symptoms of indigestion but of what kiud ? Our. old methods of palpation, percussion, etc.,
doi:10.1056/nejm188911141212001 fatcat:mdckwcfc6febzeovfzlz6agguu