Microsatellite mutation rates are equivalent in normal and telomerase-immortalized human fibroblasts

C N Roques, J C Boyer, R A Farber
2001 Cancer Research  
Telomerase-expressing human fibroblasts generally have the same properties as normal cells, except that they have an indefinite life span in culture. We have introduced a dinucleotide repeat sequence into the telomerase-expressing hTERT-1604 cell line and characterized the rates and types of frameshift mutations within this microsatellite. These data have been compared with those in diploid fibroblasts with a finite life span. The rates of mutation were found to be similar in the two cell
more » ... indicating that DNA mismatch repair and other cellular processes responsible for maintenance of mutational stability are not disrupted by telomerase immortalization.
pmid:11731418 fatcat:m2oy7azgbvdxfjtio7d7wxhnni