Alternative Analysis: The Prime Numbers Theory And An Extension Of The Real Numbers Set

A. Sukhotin, M. Zvyagin
2016 Zenodo  
Here we consider the theory of prime numbers at a new methodology. The theory of prime numbers is one of the most ancient mathematical branches. We found an estimate of the all prime numbers sum using the notions of infinite lager numbers and infinitely small numbers, farther we estimated the value of the maximal prime number. We proved that Hardy–Littlewood Hypothesis has the positive decision too. The infinite small numbers define a new methodology of the well–known function o(x) application.
more » ... We use the sets of the theory of prime numbers and infinitely small numbers with a linear function to formulate the alternative extension of the real numbers set.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.160909 fatcat:flwpcqsw3zh3zklp7432lf33ei