Fault Diagnosis Method of Six-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Vector Space Decoupling

Hanying Gao, Jie Guo, Zengquan Hou, Bangping Zhang, Yao Dong
2022 Electronics  
Compared with the three-phase motor, the six-phase motor has lower torque ripple and higher fault tolerance performance, which makes it widely used in aviation, ships, industrial manufacturing, and other application fields. However, the probability of failure of the polyphase motor system increases with the increase in the number of phases. In order to deal with the open phase fault and power switch fault of the six-phase inverter, a fault diagnosis method for the six-phase inverter based on
more » ... tor space decoupling (VSD) is proposed. The open phase fault index is first determined according to the VSD decoupling inverse transform and the current constraints. The fault index is then optimized from the perspective of preventing misdiagnosis and improving reliability, and the open phase fault can be diagnosed in one fundamental cycle. In addition, the current trajectory of harmonic plane after switch fault is analyzed, and the back propagation (BP) neural network is used to identify the harmonic plane current trajectory of different types of switch fault. Finally, the correctness and feasibility of the proposed fault diagnosis method are verified by simulations and experiments. The obtained results demonstrate that the proposed method can quickly and accurately locate the open phase fault and switch fault without additional hardware. The proposed method is simple, efficient, and robust.
doi:10.3390/electronics11081229 fatcat:tw2gu6ylyraxtpltqe3jr7hv44