Multiagent planning for agents with internal execution resource constraints

Haksun Li, H. Durfee, Kang G. Shin
2003 Proceedings of the second international joint conference on Autonomous agents and multiagent systems - AAMAS '03  
We study how agents can cooperate to revise their plans as they attempt to ensure that they do not over-utilize their local resource capacities. An agent in a multiagent environment should in principle be prepared for all environmental events as well as all events that could conceivably be caused by other agents' actions. The resource requirements to execute such omnipotent plans are usually overwhelming, however. Thus, an agent must decide which tasks to perform and which to ignore in the
more » ... agent context. Our strategy is to have agents selectively communicate relevant details of their plans so that each gets a sufficiently accurate view of the events others might cause. Reducing uncertainties about the world trajectory improves the agents' resource allocation decisions and decreases their resource consumptions. In fact, our experiments over a sample domain show that, on average, 50% of an agent's initial actions are planned for states it can discover it will never reach. The protocol we develop in this paper thus discovers futile actions and reclaims resources that would otherwise be wasted.
doi:10.1145/860663.860665 fatcat:stcfn3mzz5ek3dysl6wpocxiqu