Differential expression of Agouti mRNA and its coding protein inviscera of goat with different coat color

MA Jianqing, Yongdong Peng, Xianglong Li
2016 Indian Journal of Animal Research  
ASIP has been described to regulate lipid metabolism and acts as a paracrine factor in the regulation of adiposity. The RT-qPCR and Western Blotting was used to investigate the expression level of Agouti mRNA and Agouti signaling protein (ASIP) in viscera (heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney) of goat with white, brown with gray and black coat color. The main trend of Agouti mRNA abundance represented white goat and liver tissue obviously. The protein was detected in all viscera tissues and it
more » ... cera tissues and it expressed white goat and kidney mainly. However, ASIP differential expresses in different viscera for goats weren't consistent with the mRNA levels. The differences might be the result from the transcription regulation, translation regulation, protein modified and protein interaction and so on.
doi:10.18805/ijar.10988 fatcat:ewveygcwgbhd7kutxbo5nqz4ry