Outbreaks of Pyogenic Arthritis in New-born Piglets and Stillbirth Caused byStaphylococcus hyicussubsp.hyicus
Staphylococcus hyicussubsp.hyicusによる新生豚の化膿性関節炎および死産の発生

1986 Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association  
Staphylococcus hyicus subsp. hyicus was isolated in pure culture from the joints of two newborn piglets with arthritis and the lung and the stomach of a stillbirth in Torrori Prefecture during October, 1982 to January, 1983 Arthritis broke out in piglets 2 or 3 days old of the same litter on two farms. Stillbirth occurred in a sow on another farm. On these farms, S. hyicus was also isolated from 17 of 21 swabs collected from the skin of dams. In the cross agglutination test, three strains of S.
more » ... hyicus isolated from the three farms showed a remarkable cross reaction with one another, but a one-sided reaction to the reference strain of ATCC 11249. On the contrary, all the 23 strains isolated from these farms and the reference strain produced an identical precipitation line in the agar gel diffusion test.
doi:10.12935/jvma1951.39.305 fatcat:ktlsxq3mnnewlf5c7z7yaytwv4