Changes in Land Use and Vegetation in Cacheu River Mangroves Natural Park, Guinea-Bissau: Contribution to Sustainable Management of the Park [post]

Maria Isabel Más López, Eva Maria García del Toro
2019 unpublished
The aim of this paper is to study changes in land use and the evolution of vegetation in Cacheu River Mangroves Natural Park in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. To do this, we will study variations in the NDVI, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. In order to perform the calculations and subsequent analysis, images from three years— 2010, and 2017—were used, all corresponding to the same time of year so that the phenological stage is the same. To perform a more reliable analysis,
more » ... e park was divided into five classes based on the main use of the land: mangals, palm forest, paddy fields, savannahs and others. Using a statistical sample, same areas were selected for each class and the corresponding NDVIs were calculated for the years in which ASTER images were available. The study made it possible to conclude that at present, management of the park is not the most suitable, given that the changes in land use observed represent a decrease in mangrove swamps, despite the fact that these forests constitute the most important ecological area of all those that make up the park. Mangals are being replaced by other land uses.
doi:10.20944/preprints201902.0133.v1 fatcat:tda5bnlnwnb5tbw54lxe5z4vg4