Fuel Cell Based Power Management Technique in Grid Connected Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

M Gopichand Naik, T Lovalakshmi
In this research power management topology is developed in grid connected bidirectional dc-dc converter with fuel cell is acting as source and battery for storage purpose. In present time world is running for increased use of renewable energy resources like solar, wind and fuel cell etc. An efficient bidirectional dc-dc converter is necessary to couple the low DC-voltage (hybrid energy storage that is battery) source to high voltage DC-bus (DRER-distributed renewable energy resources) and vice
more » ... ersa. Power management is the major concern in smart micro-grids like in renewable power generation and hybrid electric vehicles. But, the major limitation of the renewable energy is that they are intermittent in nature. In view of this, these sources need to be integrated with battery. This research proposes analysis and PIID based control of bidirectional DC-DC converter enables by battery and fuel based DC source. The proposed converter has the merits of less component count, reduction of leakage currents, high efficiency and smaller size. Power management technique is developed by bidirectional DC-DC convertor enables a battery module of low voltage to be interfaced with the high voltage dc bus, which is generated by fuel for subsequent utilization and is implemented in Simulink-environment.