Unsupervised Voice-Face Representation Learning by Cross-Modal Prototype Contrast [article]

Boqing Zhu, Kele Xu, Changjian Wang, Zheng Qin, Tao Sun, Huaimin Wang, Yuxing Peng
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We present an approach to learn voice-face representations from the talking face videos, without any identity labels. Previous works employ cross-modal instance discrimination tasks to establish the correlation of voice and face. These methods neglect the semantic content of different videos, introducing false-negative pairs as training noise. Furthermore, the positive pairs are constructed based on the natural correlation between audio clips and visual frames. However, this correlation might
more » ... weak or inaccurate in a large amount of real-world data, which leads to deviating positives into the contrastive paradigm. To address these issues, we propose the cross-modal prototype contrastive learning (CMPC), which takes advantage of contrastive methods and resists adverse effects of false negatives and deviate positives. On one hand, CMPC could learn the intra-class invariance by constructing semantic-wise positives via unsupervised clustering in different modalities. On the other hand, by comparing the similarities of cross-modal instances from that of cross-modal prototypes, we dynamically recalibrate the unlearnable instances' contribution to overall loss. Experiments show that the proposed approach outperforms state-of-the-art unsupervised methods on various voice-face association evaluation protocols. Additionally, in the low-shot supervision setting, our method also has a significant improvement compared to previous instance-wise contrastive learning.
arXiv:2204.14057v3 fatcat:o4fimnk2bvbatagqfsaslcqil4