Overlapproaches in documents: a definitive classification (in OWL, 2!)

Silvio Peroni, Francesco Poggi, Fabio Vitali
Proceedings of Balisage: The Markup Conference 2014   unpublished
Several different types of overlap exist and different strategies are needed to detect them. In particular, there is a clear difference between ranges of text that overlap and markup items that overlap (that is, elements and attributes), and how these types of overlapping affect dominance and containment relations of nodes is of some relevance, too. In order to provide a complete definition and description of these overlapping patterns, we introduce the EARMARK Overlapping Ontology (EOO), i.e.,
more » ... an OWL 2 DL ontology that extends EARMARK (an OWL-based markup metalanguage compliant with extended GODDAGs) to define properties describing dominance and containment relations as well as a complete characterisation of the different kinds of overlap that can happen to nodes. In addition, we also present some inference rules for the automatic retrieval (by means of a reasoner) of all the overlapping instances in a given input markup document. Properties of overlapping Overlapping of ranges Dominance vs. Containment in EARMARK Overlapping of markup items Approaching inferences through reasoners Conclusions
doi:10.4242/balisagevol13.peroni01 fatcat:a4vhvisiwbam7p6ye7nr2vxehq