N 2 O emissions from plants are reduced under photosynthetic activity

Klaus Schützenmeister, Katharina H. E. Meurer, Marco Gronwald, Antonia B. D. Hartmann, Dirk Gansert, Hermann F. Jungkunst
2020 Plant-Environment Interactions  
Present research points to the importance of ecosystems to counteract human-enforced climate change, because under sufficient nitrogen (N) availability plants are capable to partly fix carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emitted by human activity (Ainsworth & Long, 2005; Ainsworth & Rogers, 2007) . Furthermore, interaction of plants and soils involved in GHG cycling are by-passes of the oxic sink zone in soils, for example, methane (CH 4 ) release to the atmosphere via aerenchyma
doi:10.1002/pei3.10015 fatcat:zza3drz52jcvdb75dknk2ws6fm