Influence of thermal treatment on bentonite used as adsorbent for Cd, Pb, Zn retention from mono-solute and poly-solute aqueous solutions

Susana Yamila Martinez Stagnaro, Cristina Volzone, Mónica Luciana Rueda
2012 Materials Research  
The retentions of Zn, Cd and Pb cations by one treated bentonite up to 750 °C were analyzed. The retentions were evaluated by using mono-and poly-solute aqueous solutions of such cations. The adsorptions were carried out in batch system at room temperature. The solid/liquid ratio was 2% wt.v -1 . The solids were characterized by X-ray diffraction, thermal and chemical analyses. The Zn cation from mono-or polysolute-solutions was retained in higher amount than Cd and Pb cations in similar
more » ... n types by bentonite. The retentions were effective up to 450 °C calcined bentonite, after that, the retention capacity decreased in concordance with dehydroxylation of the structure of clay minerals.
doi:10.1590/s1516-14392012005000074 fatcat:6wjpx5gkbzb6jp7jktbv5m5sdi