Genotype by environment interactions for seed yield and oil content in sunflower (H. annuus L.) using AMMI model

R. Marinkovic, M. Jockovic, A. Marjanovic-Jeromela, S. Jocic, M. Ciric, I. Balalic, Z. Sakac
2011 Helia  
Stability of 25 new sunflower hybrid combinations was compared against three standard hybrids in three locations. Seed yield per unit area and oil content in seed were measured using AMMI analysis. The tested combinations showed significant variations in seed yield (t ha -1 ) and oil content in seed (%) from one location to another and within individual locations. Variations in seed yield were mostly due to the impact of location, while the variations in oil content were prevalently due to
more » ... ypic differences among the hybrids. The highest and lowest average total yields were obtained by the hybrids G20 and G1, respectively. The hybrids G17, G8, G2 and G21 showed the widest adaptability. Slightly narrower adaptability was exhibited by the hybrids G4, G7, G13, G14, etc. The hybrids G6, G16, G15 and G22 showed the narrowest adaptability, i.e., they were considerably affected by the analyzed interactions. The highest and lowest average oil contents were recorded in the hybrids G23 and G28, respectively. The hybrids G7, G11 and G23 demonstrated the highest adaptability for oil content in seed. The lowest adaptability was demonstrated by the hybrids G1 and G16.
doi:10.2298/hel1154079m fatcat:sj3wczvs75dfdpaw7sr7epzfkq