New Method of Byzantine Music (BM) Intervals' Measuring and Its Application in the Fourth Mode. Α New Approach of the Music Intervals' Definition

Dimitrios S. Delviniotis
In the last few years various musicological studies on the Byzantine Chant (BC) have been made via computer analysis. Due to the BC vocal nature and the pitch variability of the BC notes during the performance, the value of a music interval between two such notes in a certain BC mode - "echos", is ambiguous. Because of that pitch variability a new method of BC intervals measurement is proposed, based on statistical processing of the pitch track that can be done after a proper pitch analysis of
more » ... pitch analysis of the BC recordings. The music scale of a particular BC echos is computed from the histogram of the pitch values by applying an algorithm that calculates a Gaussian Mixture Model approximating the music scale of that BC echos. This new method is applied, as an example, to ten BC recordings - performances of the Cherubic Hymn composed in the fourth echos ("aghia") by Petros Lampadarios. The recordings come from the DAMASKINOS Corpus of University of Athens and the analysis results are in agreement with both the theoretical values of the Patriarchal Committee 1881 (approximation of up to 1 moria) and the findings in other similar studies. This method of analysis can be a base for both musicological analysis and music signal processing.
doi:10.26262/smb.v1i2.7941 fatcat:pf3aalaivvhjvktw5u7e4g2hpe