Paula Sahlman
Sahlman, P. 2017. Discourses of gender in sport pedagogy students' teachers' speech. Department of Sport Sciences, University of Jyväskylä, Master's thesis for sport pedagogy, 77 pp.. 1 appendix. In this master's thesis I have studied the discourses of gender in sport pedagogys' students' teachers' speech. Physical education (PE) is the only school subject in which the students have been mostly divided into gender based groups. Also the recruiting of PE teachers is based on gender, the standard
more » ... model is that males teach boys and females teach girls. According to various studies generally there is a hidden curricula in Finnish schools that reinforces traditional gender roles and treats girl and boy students with different criteria and requirments. In the case of PE also the contents and practices of teaching are gendered. In this thesis I wanted to study sport pedagogy's teachers in Jyväskylä University because my perception is that sport pedagogy major and its teachers have power to influence what and how PE is taught in school lessons through their status as PE teacher educators, also from gender perspective. In this study, I define the educators as users of institutional power whose discourses of gender affect on PE teachers training and on the contents and practices of PE teaching in schools. Currently the practices of teaching PE are strongly gendered in Finnish schools. Thus my conclusion is that hegemonic masculinity is also in the position of hegemonic discourse in PE teaching. The topic of gender should be widely discussed within the field of sport pedagogy, in developing PE teaching and in the contents of PE teacher training towards more acknowledging and gender sensitive sport pedagogy. As obligatory school subject and state-led institution school and physical education should strive to not to reinforce traditional gender roles and instead advance the expression of more inclusive ways of being masculine and feminine both in school and PE lessons.