Replica Fourier Transform: Properties and applications

A. Crisanti, C. De Dominicis
2015 Nuclear Physics B  
The Replica Fourier Transform is the generalization of the discrete Fourier Transform to quantities defined on an ultrametric tree. It finds use in con- junction of the replica method used to study thermodynamics properties of disordered systems such as spin glasses. Its definition is presented in a system- atic and simple form and its use illustrated with some representative examples. In particular we give a detailed discussion of the diagonalization in the Replica Fourier Space of the Hessian
more » ... matrix of the Gaussian fluctuations about the mean field saddle point of spin glass theory. The general results are finally discussed for a generic spherical spin glass model, where the Hessian can be computed analytically.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2014.12.002 fatcat:ysmkqlwb5bdhlc2lwff3hrr6rq