Influence of structural transformations on electric and magnetic properties of Fe81B13Si4C2 amorphous alloy

D.M. Minic, M. Plazinic, J. Zivanic, A. Maricic
2010 Science of Sintering  
The structural transformations of the Fe 81 B 13 Si 4 C 2 amorphous alloy under nonisothermal as well as under isothermal conditions were studied. The amorphous alloy was stable up to a temperature of about 450 o C when the structural transformations began. The primary crystallization starts by forming Fe 3 Si as main phase (more than 80 wt %), and two minor phases Fe 2 B and Fe 3 B. With the increase of the temperature the phase composition as well as ratio of present phases is changed and
more » ... is changed and above 600 o C it was confirmed the presence only two stable phases, Fe 3 Si and Fe 2 B. It was shown that all observed structural transformations have significant influence on the electric and magnetic properties of alloy. The electric resistivity of the crystallized alloy is lower than the amorphous one. The crystallized alloy possesses better magnetic susceptibility and retains the ferromagnetic properties in whole investigated temperature range.
doi:10.2298/sos1001061m fatcat:djsldiirmrgxxmafmqsmsxalby