Recharge and Turnover of Groundwater in Coastal Aquifers with Emphasis on Hydrochemistry and Isotopes [chapter]

Gunnar Jacks, Satheesachandran Thambi
2018 Aquifers - Matrix and Fluids  
Coastal aquifers are globally subject to considerable stress. The population density is often high in coastal areas, and in addition, the coastal plains often have good agricultural soils demanding irrigation. While a portion of the irrigation can be provided by rivers, local groundwater is also used adding to the water requirement. Many coastal aquifers are large with a slow turnover of the groundwater and recharge is difficult to assess. This review is aimed at giving an overview of the
more » ... erview of the hydrochemistry with an emphasis of giving insight into the groundwater recharge and the sustainability of the groundwater quality. The past climate history has given an imprint of hydrochemistry of especially coastal aquifers.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.73301 fatcat:fxz6xvyefvcmll4qr56qpt22ny