Sleep and health from early childhood to preadolescence

Kaneyoshi Ishihara, Yuriko Doi, Makoto Uchiyama
We reviewed previous studies on childhood sleep and health in this paper. We focused on preschool children and the following four research areas: (1) change in sleep habits over 50 years in Japanese children and adequate sleep recommendations ; (2) multimedia use and home environments associated with sleep habits; (3) physical and/or psychological dysfunction caused by inadequate sleep; and (4) individual differences in morningness-eveningness (chronotypes). We emphasize the need for future
more » ... ies in younger children to examine the cause-effect relationship between sleep and health in the long term, using multiple informants and, from a child development point of view. keywords: sleep habits, adequate sleep, chronotype, home environment, physical and psychological dysfunctions (accepted for publication, 20th February 2015)-2-3-6, Minami, Wako, Saitama, 351-0197, Japan. T e l: 048-458-6148