Residue Classes of the PPT Sequence [article]

Subhash Kak
2013 arXiv   pre-print
Primitive Pythagorean triples (PPT) may be put into different equivalence classes using residues with respect to primes. We show that the probability that the smaller odd number associated with the PPT triple is divisible by prime p is 2/(p+1). We have determined the autocorrelation function of the Baudhayana sequences obtained from the residue classes and we show these sequences have excellent randomness properties. We provide analytical explanation for the peak and the average off-peak values
more » ... for the autocorrelation function. These sequences can be used specifically in a variety of key generation and distribution problems and, more generally, as pseudorandom sequences.
arXiv:1305.1900v1 fatcat:yeo7bo625ja6jpvq3e4lik5frq