Development of Thin-Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Power Generation Applications

Nguyen Q. Minh
1995 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
The tape-calendering process has been developed for the fabrication of thin-film solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The process involves the progressive rolling of green (unfired) ceramic tapes to produce electrolyte films as thin as 0.5 /xm . The key features of the tape-calendering process include simplicity, scalability, cost effectiveness, and versatility. Tapecalendered thin-film cells have been operated under a variety of operating conditions and have shown excellent performance. High power
more » ... ensities have been achieved with hydrogen fuel and air oxidant, e.g., 0.55 W/cm2 at 800°C, 0.91 W/cm2 at 1000°C. Thin-film cells can also be subjected to thermal cycling and thermal shock conditions without any electrochemical performance or structural degradation. A number of fabrication approaches have been investigated to make thin electrolytes (< 10 /xm) for thin-film SOFCs. These approaches are based on either a
doi:10.1149/199501.0138pv fatcat:ragf2fd2czhcnlzbntdosnoebq