Study on Dehumidification Performance of a Multi-Stage Internal Cooling Solid Desiccant Adsorption Packed Bed

Wansheng Yang, Jiayun Ren, Zhongqi Lin, Zhangyuan Wang, Xudong Zhao
2018 Energies  
In this paper, the solid desiccant adsorption packed bed with a three-stage internal cooling (ICSPB) has been proposed to improve the dehumidification efficiency and make a comparison with that of non-internal cooling. To investigate the performance of the ICSPB, the dehumidification capacity, dehumidification efficiency, water content of solid desiccant, moisture ratio of solid desiccant, temperature of solid desiccant and inlet and outlet air temperature difference were discussed in different
more » ... cussed in different conditions of inlet air and supplying water temperature. It was found that the dehumidification performance of the bed with internal cooling could be improved greatly in the low temperature and low humidity conditions, while in the high temperature and humid, the improvement was not obvious. With internal cooling, the dehumidification efficiency and the water content of the solid desiccant could be improved 59.69% and 110.7%, respectively, and the temperature of solid desiccant could be reduced 2.2 °C when the ICSPB operated at the inlet air temperature of 20 °C, inlet humidity of 55%, and water temperature of 14 °C. Moreover, the dehumidification performance at each stage of ICSPB was studied. It was found that, the first stage played the most important role in the dehumidification process. In addition, the calculation models that can be used to predict the moisture ratio and the temperature of solid desiccant were established on the test results.
doi:10.3390/en11113038 fatcat:k4l3ufc3f5g5nhuzedvjpj3t4m