Lycoris: A large area beam telescope based on hybrid-less strip silicon sensors

Mengqing Wu, Martin Breidenbach, Dietrich R. Freytag, Uwe Kraemer, Benjamin A. Reese, Sebastiaan Roelofs, Marcel Stanitzki
2018 2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference Proceedings (NSS/MIC)  
A new Large area x-Y COverage Readout Integrated Strip telescope (LYCORIS) is being constructed as an improvement of the DESY test beam infrastructure within the Horizon2020 AIDA-2020 project [1] . The LYCORIS telescope consists of six layers of 25 µm pitch strip Si sensor readout by two bump-bonded ASICs (KPiX), running at a timing resolution as multiples of 80 ns; its active area is designed to be 10×10 cm 2 , extendable to 10×20 cm 2 . It can run either standalone or be mounted inside a 1 T
more » ... unted inside a 1 T solenoid magnet, providing a spatial resolution better than 10 µm along the bending direction, and a resolution better than 1 mm along the magnetic field. The full readout system was tested with a hexagonal pixel sensor designed for the SiD ECAL in the lab with a 90 Sr source, and later tested in the electron beam at DESY in May and October 2017. The first assembled modules with the final strip were tested in spring 2018. First results of the LYCORIS prototype will be presented with a comparison to simulation, besides, the characterization of sensor and readout system are also included.
doi:10.1109/nssmic.2018.8824667 fatcat:gdayurc42fgt7kkwavuklm63mq