Control of Structural Acoustic Radiation Based on Topography Optimization

Khac Trung Chu, Dejie Yu
2015 Journal of Automation and Control Engineering  
Structural acoustic radiation controlling is very important for noise reduction. To minimize the acoustic radiation of folded plates, a topography optimization method is proposed in this paper. In the proposed method, the structural vibration characteristics of a folded plate structure are analyzed by using of FEM. Then the structural acoustic radiation is analyzed by using Helmholtz integral method. The natural frequency of the first mode shape of the folded plate structure is taken as the
more » ... ctive function. The average value of acoustic radiation power in the analysis frequency band can be minimized by maximizing the natural frequency of the first mode of the folded plate structure. The optimization software Altair OptiStruct is used to optimize the design of folded plate structures. Numerical results show that the acoustic radiation power of folded plate structures can be significantly reduced by topography optimization.  Index Terms-finite element method (FEM); boundary element method (BEM); structural acoustic radiation; topography optimization; folded plate structures.
doi:10.12720/joace.3.3.183-190 fatcat:jepxxf3zdzau3bgg7g2rhibh54