A Study of Causes of delay in Construction Projects: Case Study of Modjo Dry Port Construction Project

Belete Boter
This study is primarily aimed at analyzing the causes of delay of ModjoDry Port Construction Project. The study identifies the perceptions of the major stakeholders (client, contractor and consultant) who have direct link to the issue of delays. Relevant literatures have been used to identify 49 potential causes of project delay. Toexaminethese causes of delay this study has used questionnaires and interviews to gather appropriate data and to answer the research questions. The data are both
more » ... titative and qualitative. A total sample size of 40 respondents was targeted in the questionnaire and 8 respondents for interview. The respondents included contractors, consultants and client staffs who engaged in the project accomplishment. The questionnaire used Likert scale of 5 points to gather the perceptions of the respondents on causes of delay and four scales Likert to have information on frequency occurrence of the causes of delay. The Cronbach's alpha is used to test the internal consistency or reliability of Likertscale. To analyze the data, severity index (SI) and frequency index (FI) were used to rank the perceptions of stakeholders. The product of the two indices was also employed to generate Importance Index (II) in order to rank the overall degree of influence of the causes of delay to the project. The results have shown that the project has delayed due to designing(preparing design without adequate information, slow in preparing design, delay in approving revised design, and frequent design change), planning & scoping(deficiency in planning and lack of scope definition); consultant related issues(slow in design revision &design approving, poor communication, drawing without detailed data),contractor related(ineffective planning and scheduling, poor schedule management, under estimating activity cost and duration, poor activity sequencing, poor resource planning and poor time management);and the client related causes of delay such as slow in decision making, problem in contract administration, lack [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/11532 fatcat:ey5bkavyavf4nawponqzqyll3i