Research on Path Planning Algorithm for Crowd Evacuation

Zhenfei Wang, Chuchu Zhang, Junfeng Wang, Zhiyun Zheng, Lun Li
2021 Symmetry  
In recent years, crowded stampede incidents have occurred frequently, resulting in more and more serious losses. The common cause of such incidents is that when large-scale populations gather in a limited area, the population is highly unstable. In emergency situations, only when the crowd reaches the safe exit as soon as possible within a limited evacuation time to complete evacuation can the loss and casualties be effectively reduced. Therefore, the safety evacuation management of people in
more » ... blic places in emergencies has become a hot topic in the field of public security. Based on the analysis of the factors affecting the crowd path selection, this paper proposes an improved path-planning algorithm based on BEME (Balanced Evacuation for Multiple Exits). And pedestrian evacuation simulation is carried out in multi-exit symmetrical facilities. First, this paper optimizes the update method of the GSDL list in the BEME algorithm as the basis for evacuating pedestrians to choose an exit. Second, the collision between pedestrians is solved by defining the movement rule and collision avoidance strategy. Finally, the algorithm is compared with BEME and traditional path-planning algorithms. The results show that the algorithm can further shorten the global evacuation distance of the symmetrical evacuation scene, effectively balance the number of pedestrians at each exit and reduce the evacuation time. In addition, this improved algorithm uses a collision avoidance strategy to solve the collision and congestion problems in path planning, which helps to maximize evacuation efficiency. Whether the setting of the scene or the setting of the exit, all studies are based on symmetric implementation. This is more in line with the crowd evacuation in the real scene, making the experimental results more meaningful.
doi:10.3390/sym13081339 fatcat:7pbk6hqkurdutpd2nw2d754zqe