Исследование динамики превращения этанола в дивинил на промышленном катализаторе К-64 импульсной подачей инициатора процесса – пероксида водорода

Третьяков Валентин Филиппович, Пешнев Борис Владимирович, Талышинский Рашид Мусаевич, Илолов Ахмадшо Мамадшоевич
The principal possibility of initiating the industrial process of conversion of ethanol to divinyl by hydrogen peroxide on a magnesium-silicon catalyst K-64 is shown. The effect of hydrogen peroxide exposure under the influence of the pulse feed of the initiator is demonstrated. A theoretical hypothesis is proposed that magnesium oxide suppresses the formation of ethylene not on a fresh, but partially coked catalyst. It is assumed that there is some optimal degree of coking of the surface,
more » ... f the surface, corresponding to the valence state of magnesium oxide Mg2O, which inhibits the formation of ethylene.
doi:10.24412/2310-8266-2020-3-4-58-61 fatcat:7tvswetmznbrbjmvvnnkhj5izy