Lifting a realisticSO(10)grand unified model to five dimensions

Carl H. Albright, S. M. Barr
2003 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
It has been shown recently that the problem of rapid proton decay induced by dimension five operators arising from the exchange of colored Higgsinos can be simply avoided in grand unified models where a fifth spatial dimension is compactified on an orbifold. Here we demonstrate that this idea can be used to solve the Higgsino-mediated proton decay problem in any realistic SO(10) model by lifting that model to five dimensions. A particular SO(10) model that has been proposed to explain the
more » ... n of quark and lepton masses and mixings is used as an example. The idea is to break the SO(10) down to the Pati-Salam symmetry by the orbifold boundary conditions. The entire four-dimensional SO(10) model is placed on the physical SO(10) brane except for the gauge fields, the 45 and a single 10 of Higgs fields, which are placed in the five-dimensional bulk. The structure of the Higgs superpotential can be somewhat simplified in doing so, while the Yukawa superpotential and mass matrices derived from it remain essentially unaltered.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.67.013002 fatcat:23xaf2cjtzb37gqtssyibqfkhy