Differential circadian expression of genes fcp2 and fcp6 in Cyclotella cryptica

Andreas Oeltjen, Jürgen Marquardt, Erhard Rhiel
2004 International Microbiology  
The steady-state mRNA concentrations of two fcp genes encoding fucoxanthin chlorophyll a/c light-harvesting polypeptides of the centric diatom Cyclotella cryptica were investigated over a 4-day period by RNA dot-blotting experiments. Before and during the first day of the experiment, the cultures were grown under a 12-h light/12-h dark regime. On the following 3 days, the algae were kept in darkness. On the first day, the steady-state mRNA concentration of fcp2 followed a diurnal pattern, with
more » ... maximum occurring around noon, approximately 6 h after the onset of light. The gene fcp6 also had a diurnal pattern on the first day. Its maximum, however, occurred immediately after the onset of light. During the subsequent incubation period in darkness, the diurnal pattern of expression of both fcp genes continued, thus demonstrating that their steady-state mRNA concentrations oscillated in a circadian manner.
pmid:15248161 fatcat:eb3ns4jq7vhtrcoj5mpg2yphry