Decarboxylative thiolation of redox-active esters to free thiols and further diversification

Tianpeng Cao, Tianxiao Xu, Ruting Xu, Xianli Shu, Saihu Liao
2020 Nature Communications  
Thiols are important precursors for the synthesis of a variety of pharmaceutically important sulfur-containing compounds. In view of the versatile reactivity of free thiols, here we report the development of a visible light-mediated direct decarboxylative thiolation reaction of alkyl redox-active esters to free thiols based on the abundant carboxylic acid feedstock. This transformation is applicable to various carboxylic acids, including primary, secondary, and tertiary acids as well as natural
more » ... products and drugs, forging a general and facile access to free thiols with diverse structures. Moreover, the direct access to free thiols affords an advantage of rapid in situ diversification with high efficiency to other important thiol derivatives such as sulfide, disulfide, thiocyanide, thioselenide, etc.
doi:10.1038/s41467-020-19195-w pmid:33087708 fatcat:tgiasuf3bfd4vishjfuqh5j3dm