Solvent-free Route to High-performance Electrode Materials for Li/Na Storage from Mechanochemically Synthetised MOFs/MXene Composites [post]

Xiaoyan Shi, Weiquan Liang, Weikun Lin, Bin Chen, Lianyi Shao, Zhipeng Sun, Felipe Garcia
2022 unpublished
The development of new energy-related materials is the pinnacle to attaining a sustainable society based on renewable energy. Over the past decades, plenty of electrode materials have been investigated seeking better energy storage properties. However, the often tedious synthetic procedures and large amounts of solvents utilized during their syntheses incur in high costs and severe environmental pollution. Here we present a solvent-free approach to metal-organic-frameworks/MXene-derived
more » ... eous metal selenide/MXene composites with unique nanostructures rich in mesopores and macropores. These species can be readily transformed into high-performance electrode materials with enhanced Li/Na ion storage properties compared with their solution-based counterparts. Our results provide an environmentally benign production process of metal-organic framework/MXene-derived high-performance electrode materials for advanced lithium/sodium storage applications
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv-2022-xz6vh fatcat:22wgrrx6o5a5ldva6kfmzinmoa