Modelling of corrosion protection as standby system for coated reinforced concrete structures

Zenonas Kamaitis
2009 Journal of Civil Engineering and Management  
Various protective barriers are used in practice to protect reinforced concrete structures in severely aggressive environments. In this paper, we consider a multi-component corrosion protection system (CPS), taking into account the performance of protective surface barrier, concrete cover and steel reinforcement, which is modelled as a three-unit of non-identical components cold standby system. The system is non-maintained. This is the case when the system is not easily accessible for repair,
more » ... pair; is time-consuming and costly. In this system it is assumed that degradation rates of all components are exponential and different. Under these assumptions, using the Markovian degradation process, some important reliability indices such as the system reliability and mean time to failure are defined. In addition, we present simulation results to substantiate the analytical model and to demonstrate the sensitivity analysis to estimate protection system reliability.
doi:10.3846/1392-3730.2009.15.387-394 fatcat:e7b7p7ippjeqnovfcy6rez5xzy