Association between pituitary specific transcription factor 1 gene (pit 1) and some carcass traits in sasso and shika brown chickens

B. O. Agaviezor, F. O. Ajayi, O. A. Udoudo
2020 Journal of Bioscience and Agriculture Research  
This study was conducted to check the association between PIT 1 gene and some carcass traits in 30 Sasso and 30 Shika brown chickens. Growth data were collected for 12 weeks. DNA was extracted from the blood of the chickens using the Zymo spin column text kit by Zymo Research. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) was done using PIT 1 primers and PCR products were digested with MSP1 restriction enzyme to generate the genotypes. Data generated were analyzed using SPSS Version 16, MEGA 6.0 and DNASP.
more » ... e results showed allele frequency of A in Sasso was 0.4375 while in Sasso, it was 0.5714. Allele frequency of B was 0.5625 in Sasso 0.4286 in Shika brown. The heterozygous frequency was 0.3750 in Sasso and 0.2857 in Shika brown. The highest expected frequency was in AB genotype both in Sasso (3.9375) and in Shika brown (3.4286). Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium was not significant (p>0.05) in Sasso chickens. In week 1, the highest body weight occurred in the genotype (BB) 83.42g. However, the highest value for body length was observed in the genotype (AA) 9.00cm in week 5, the highest body weight occurred in the genotype (AB) in Sasso 545.00±121.74g. The results exposed variation in the expression in PIT1 gene in carcass traits which could be exploited in chicken breeding programmes.
doi:10.18801/jbar.230220.238 fatcat:kopemblwo5aujgaaowcyoikfii