Relationship between Various Chemical Treatments on the Mechanical, Anti-Felting and Dyeing Properties of Wool

Masukuni Mori, Mitsuo Matsudaira
2012 Advanced Materials Research  
Wool fibers have higher elasticity than synthetic fibers, and are superior in the properties of vapor absorption and desorption. However, the only fault of wool is its felting propensity during home laundering. Although various anti-felting treatments to reduce the felting property have been developed and used industrially, there are still problems such as environmental issues and changes of fabric handle. These issues were studied in this paper. The effect of DCCA, NaOCl and plasma treatments
more » ... n anti-felting property, fabric handle, yellowing, color intensity and hydrophilicity were especially investigated. It is concluded that NaOCl method is the best treatment in the points of anti-felting, fabric handle, yellowing and color intensity.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:g77xdqxaezd63dzixjizrnt6xy