Proceedings of Local Branches of the Society of American Bacteriologists

1942 Journal of Bacteriology  
A thermolabile and a thermostabile toxin have been found in Phase I Hemo-philu8 pertussis. These same toxins are found in the other phases and in Hemophilus parapertussis but in only about 10 per cent the amount. The toxins are weakly antigenic in rabbits, but not demonstrably so in human beings. Recovery from whooping cough and prophylaxis against it is established through the agent of antibacterial antibodies and not through antitoxin. Lack of parallelism between mouse protective tests and
more » ... lutination does not constitute evidence to the contrary because the work of Bradford, Scherp and Wood indicates that mouse protective assay of serum from immune globulin-treated cases of recovered whooping cough does not parallel the recovery, whereas the agglutination titer of all of the recovered cases was uniformly good.
doi:10.1128/jb.43.2.265-272.1942 fatcat:6nq5r2w6rrfd5jejsnfgq4st7a