Investigation of the effect of specific activity of 137 Cs in the production of cheese from mountain Golija

Mihajlo Vićentijević, Vujadin Vuković, Dragan Živanov
2012 Romanian Biotechnological Letters   unpublished
The components of the field of gamma radiation are variables in function of time and location, and it is necessary to disclose them and permanent monitoring at specific locations. The importance of this work is that we had found the load of ionizing radiation on the mountain Golija, which is expressed with intensity of gamma radiation dose exposure (SI units of pC / kg.s). In addition, ionizing radiation implied emission of 137 Cs and obtained values were measured in the environment, i.e. air
more » ... ronment, i.e. air at the appropriate locations. The results represent the average of the total of one hundred measurements for each location. Within a certain number of households is also made detection of biologically significant radionuclide 137 Cs in the food chain, including water, soil, hay and silage, as well as transfer to milk and cheese. The 137 Cs activity concentration was expressed in Bq/kg. Due to the strong specificity of obtained results statistical analysis was done by calculating average values within the variation within each group (X sr).