Identification of High Yielding Tropical Strawberry Genotypes by Assessment of Yield Attributing Traits under Field Condition

Mahmuda Akter, Mofazzal Hossain, Azizul Haque, Nasrin Akter Ivy
2017 Agricultural Development  
In this study, eight different genotypes namely FA-006, FA-007, FA-008, FA-015, FA-016, FA-017, FA-022 and BARI Strawberry-1 were grown under field condition to evaluate the superior performance of tropical strawberry genotypes in terms of their morphological characters. Our results revealed that FA-015 genotype showed better performance in terms of plant height, leaf number, canopy spread, flowers plant-1, fruit set compared to other genotypes. The maximum days (62.29) required for flower
more » ... red for flower initiation was found in the genotype FA-007 while the minimum days (30.59) required for flower initiation was recorded in the genotype FA-016. As regards to the fruit characters (length, width and weight), FA-022 genotype exhibited highest performances compared to other genotypes. Our results also implied that the highest fruit yield plant-1 (213.8g) was obtained from the genotype FA-022 and the highest amount of TSS (10.71%) was found in the genotype BARI Strawberry-1. Genotype FA-015 was superior in respect of growth related parameters and genotype FA-022 found potential in terms of fruit yield. Further research is needed on molecular characterization and marker aided selection of strawberry genotypes.
doi:10.20448/journal.523.2017.21.22.27 fatcat:sqiijtw4sjg4vdmjkaahsl5jxm