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Etude De, L Bioaccumulation, Bioraffinage Du, Des, M Thierry, Talou Othmane, Merah Rapporteurs
Discipline ou spécialité : Sciences des Agroressources Présentée et soutenue par : M. QUANG HUNG NGUYEN le jeudi 24 septembre 2015 Abstract I | P a g e Abstract Apiaceae could be defined as Aroma Tincto Oleo Crops (ATOC), e.g. plants containing both vegetable oil and essential oil. Applying agroreffinery concept to ATOC led to propose a sequential fractionation process coupling co-extraction of vegetal oil and essential oil to a valorization of by-product residues as biosourced active molecules
more » ... and substrates for designing agromaterials. The aim of this thesis is to determine the biological and technological feasability of application of the ATOC-refinery concept to coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.). Chapter I report a bibliographic state of the art study on extraction and characterisation of coriander vegetal oil and essential oil while chapter II describes materials and methods setting up during the thesis for sampling, extraction, analysis and data processing. Chapter III focus on the study of major various biological parameters influencing bioaccumulation of vegetal oil and essential oil in coriander (different plant cultivars, different plant organs, different biological stages) and their impact on anti-oxidant activity of extracts obtained from extraction residues. In chapter IV, coriander fruits are processed by extrusion technology (mono screw and twin-screw extruder) in order to evaluate the feasability of mechanical pressing for extracting flavored vegetal oil. Influence of operating parameters on vegetal oil extraction yields (nozzle diameter and nozzle/screw distance (single-screw extruder) or screw configuration, device's filling coefficient and pressing temperature (twin-screw extruder)) is studied while the feasability of valorization of extraction cake as agromaterial (thermopressing) was stated. II | P a g e DEDICATION This dissertation is dedicated to my father, NGUYEN Xuan Bang, and to my mother, DAO Thi Loan, who always had confidence in me and offered me encouragement and support in all my endeavors. It is also dedicated to my darling wife, NGUYEN Thi My Dung, my lovely children NGUYEN Quang Huy for their care, love, understanding, and patience. Acknowledgement III | P a g e Acknowledgement