Stereological Analysis of Mitochondria and Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Distribution in Human Oocytes at Prophase I

A. Luís, E. Rocha, E Oliveira, J. Silva, A. Barros, M. Sousa
2008 Microscopy and Microanalysis  
The structure of human oocytes at the different maturation stages is known based on descriptive studies of its ultrastructural composition [1] [2] . The tridimensional quantitative ultrastructural analysis of human oocytes would be important for understanding folliculogenesis and establishing adequate methods of in vitro oocyte maturation. In this study, stereological methods were applied to quantify the distribution of mitochondria (M) and smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER) in oocytes at the
more » ... in oocytes at the germinal vesicle (VG) stage of prophase I. Under patient informed consent, immature GV oocytes collected during ICSI treatments were processed for electron microscopy. Five GV oocytes were completely serially sliced with a diamond knife in a ultramicrotome. Every 15 μm sections were observed in a JEOL-100CXII transmission electron microscope at 60kV [3] . Photographs were taken following a systematic sampling grid and printed at x15900. The relative volume (Vv) of each organelle was obtained by using classical manual stereological techniques based on point-counting, and applying the formulae Vv(organelle, oocyte)=[number of points (organelle)
doi:10.1017/s1431927608089538 fatcat:v2btdkht7zadtabewqltyps2ga