About the Energy Interval beyond the Ankle Where the Cosmic Radiation Consists Only of Ultraheavy Nuclei from Zinc to the Actinides

Antonio Codino
2017 Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics  
According to recent measurements the tendency of the chemical composition above the ankle is characterized by increasing fractions of intermediate and heavy nuclei and a dominance of light nuclei around the ankle. Calculation of the chemical composition in the range 3.5 × 10 18 -5 × 10 19 eV according to new principles explains both the rising tendency of the heavy component. The calculation is prolonged to the adjacent interval 5 × 10 19 -2.4 × 10 21 eV using the same theoretical background
more » ... some features of the observed cosmic-ray spectrum. It results that above the energy of 6.7 × 10 20 eV, where the flux is estimated to be 1.8 × 10 −30 particles/m 2 s sr GeV, the cosmic radiation consists only of nuclei heavier than Zinc. Measurements of the spectrum of present and past experiments are compared with the calculations.
doi:10.4236/jamp.2017.51020 fatcat:zx4sz3nybvfxllrdvzwrqgkesu