The Economic, Social, and Environmental Benefits of Monolithic Form Work Systems in Construction

Ibrahim Salloum
2017 International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science   unpublished
In recent times, nations have acknowledged the threat of greenhouse gases and its effect on the environment. Global warming became a major concern that caused the United Nations to hold yearly conferences urging countries from all over the globe to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions [1]. Because construction accounts for half of the nonrenewable resources consumed by humans, making it one of the least sustainable industries, engineers are urged to address the environmental impact of
more » ... ion and work on finding other methods and materials that lessen the negative effect of construction and make it more ecofriendly [2]. With all the recent sustainable technologies emerging, such as Green Concrete, Self-Consolidating Concrete, and Green Construction, the industry still has a major negative effect on the planet. One of the Key factors that determine the success of the project is the formwork system used. Formwork plays an essential role in the speed, cost, quality and safety of the project. Monolithic form work systems is a technology that allows the structure to be casted at one go, saving time, reducing labor, and therefore decreasing the overall cost of the project. This paper discusses the benefits of Monolithic Formwork Systems and illustrates the savings in time, cost and labor.