Effect of drug change on hearing recovery in patients with sudden deafness

Minako Yamamoto, Jin Kanzaki, Toshiaki O-Uchi, Yasuhiro Inoue, Shunya Ikeda, Shigeo Ogawa, Nobuaki Tsuchihashi
1994 Otology Japan  
To evaluate the effects of therapy, hearing recovery rates were analyzed in 86 patients with sudden deafness. As for the drugs to the patients, Steroids, Urokinase, ATP were administered together or independently. Changes of drugs were made in 26 patients during the treatment period (drug change group). Another 60 patients were treated without changes of drugs (same drug group). The recovery rates were compared between the hearing at the 7th day after administration of the drugs and at a fixed
more » ... tage. The recovery rates at the 7th day in the drug change group were lower than those in the same drug group. At the fixed stage, no statistical difference was observed between the two groups. Although no clear effect of drug change was established in this study, drug changes according to the recovery rate at the 7th day might be feasible. The present results suggest that a randomized prospective study on the treatment of patients with sudden deafness is needed in order to evaluate the detailed effects of the various treatments.
doi:10.11289/otoljpn1991.4.288 fatcat:g7czy3y225ezdazfikudkjsixe