Masquerade Detection in Automotive Security [thesis]

Ashraf Saber
Masquerade Detection in Automotive Security by Ashraf Saber In this paper, we consider intrusion detection systems (IDS) in the context of a controller area network (CAN), which is also known as the CAN bus. We provide a discussion of various IDS topics, including masquerade detection, and we include a selective survey of previous research involving IDS in a CAN network. We also discuss background topics and relevant practical issues, such as data collection on the CAN bus. Finally, we present
more » ... inally, we present experimental results where we have applied a variety of machine learning techniques to CAN data. We use both actual and simulated data
doi:10.31979/etd.65bn-7anq fatcat:2mije6gkxfdlbdlpznvakqrrvm